Maui 2014: A Vacation Delayed, Day 1 (04/06/14)

After a very long and contentious day of travel, we finally got in to our Valley Isle Resort condo on Saturday, after 21 hours in motion.  After a night of good sleep, we were ready to finally start our vacation…

The new day brought a fresh start for our vacation. We ate fresh fruit for breakfast on the lanai and watched the sun start to wash Molokai in light, and the ocean turn brilliant shades of turquoises and blues – beautiful!





In what turned out to be a sign that this day would be a good one, we were able to watch whales breaching from our lanai. We knew we were arriving at the end of whale season, but had hopes of seeing some signs of them. Even with our camera fully zoomed in, the whales were far enough away that they still appeared small in the photos. Awesome!



We got in the car and drove to pick up my snorkel gear. While we were there, we got a boogie board, with a window in it, for Judy. This will let her see the wonders of the reef without have to breathe through a snorkel tube. We decided that we should get right to a beach and begin our “fun in the sun”. D.T. Fleming beach is just a bit north of our condo, and offers a wide beach and a bit of surf for playing in the waves. Too rough for snorkeling, but we grabbed some sunshine and I was able to bob around in the water.

P1050402 P1050404

At some point, I tweaked my right knee and hobbled around the rest of the day.  Actually, as I write this the following day, the hobbling may be with me a little bit longer.

After a couple of hours, we decided to pack up and explore Whaler’s Village. We freshened up at the condo and headed out. There are a number of interesting shops there, along with retailers you can find on the mainland. The weather was good and there were lots of people about. Judy found a wrap/skirt she liked, and we grabbed a couple little goodies for Ella. What we know as “Happy Hour” at home is called “Aloha Hour” here. We sat at a table at Duke’s Hula Bar along Ka’anapali beach, and listened to some live island music while sipping Mai’s and eating some seriously yummy Mahi fish & chips.

IMG_20140406_162928 IMG_20140406_162842IMG_20140406_163809

As the sun began to start its descent into the horizon, we got back in the car and headed back to the condo. We want to watch every sunset, and thought dinner either on the beach or on the lanai would be a perfect end to the day. The weather, however, had different plans. The clouds were rolling in and we could see rain coming down over Molokai. The sky high above us was clear, but not looking out over the ocean. We made chicken nachos and washed them down with margaritas and local crafts beers.

Just as we were resigned to having seen everything we were going to see this day, we spotted a honu on the beach in front of the building next to ours. A sea turtle!


We grabbed our cameras and ran to the elevator, down to the beach and amongst the crowd that had gathered. I use the word “run” to express our intent to get there as soon as we could, not necessarily in the literal sense. Even with Judy’s normal walking speed, she was still way out in front of me and my hobble.

Having been previously briefed, both in print and in person, that turtles were to be appreciated from a distance, we let the camera zoom get us as close to it as possible.

P1050410 P1050417


The turtle didn’t do anything other than open and close its eyes, really, but it was still a very special moment for us. To be able to see wildlife and animals in their natural habitat is a real treat. We spent several minutes taking pictures and enjoying the experience. Now, we had a complete day. Off to bed, and dreams of what tomorrow’s day will bring…





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